Best college football players of all time from every state

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Reggie Bush of USC carries the ball against Fresno State Bulldogs at Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA. USC defeated Fresno St. 50-42 to extend their winning streak to 33 games. (Photo by Charles Baus/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images)

Let the debate begin: The best college football players of all time from each state.

Many high school recruits take pride in playing college football in their home state. Vince Young, Tim Tebow and Reggie Bush are just a few of the notable players who elected to stay in state to play their college ball.

But the lure of venturing outside the state borders is an attractive one too for several players too. That’s the road taken by Peyton Manning who left Louisiana to go to Tennessee or Andrew Luck who left Texas to go to Stanford.

Whatever their decision on which college to attend, each state has at least one, and likely many, many more famed college football players that they can claim as being born as one of their own. From California to Texas to Florida, each state has produced at least one impressive talent.

Below you will find the best college football player from every state. Some states like California, Texas and Florida were impossible to make. Let the debate begin.

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