'The ugly colour of blue' - Marsch says not having Phillips around is hard

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Leeds United boss Jesse Marsch says he got "emotional" when he drove past the Kalvin Phillips mural last week because it's a reminder that the midfielder has gone.

Phillips who made 235 appearances over eight seasons at Elland Road, joined Manchester City for £45m in July.

"I still have contact with Kalvin and we are really excited for his new opportunity," Marsch said.

"Last week, I drove through the city and saw that mural of Kalvin and it got me a little emotional. I know what he means to this fanbase and this community, and not having him in our kit is not so easy to accept."

Marsch has brought in United States international Tyler Adams from RB Leipzig. Like Phillips, the 23-year-old is a defensive midfielder - although the head coach doesn't see it as a like-for-like swap.

"We knew it was not going to be about replacing Kalvin with one player or two players - more just about continuing the process of what we wanted to achieve," added the American.

"It is hard not seeing him every day. It's hard not being attached to a young man that you really like, you think has real potential and you want to be successful.

"Now I have to do it from a little bit afar and see him in the ugly colour of blue."