Howe's new deal - analysis

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Matthew Raisbeck, Newcastle United commentator for BBC Radio Newcastle

Things were a bit dicey for Howe until January as they'd had some bad results.

The lowest point was the Watford draw if you discount the FA Cup exit. Since then it's been smooth sailing. I don't think there are many fans that will doubt he deserves the deal.

I wonder though if there are some who will be relieved and reassured because they may feel if Gareth Southgate is no longer the England manager after the World Cup, that the FA will come calling for Eddie Howe.

You can listen to debate on Howe on Radio Newcastle's Total Sport from around 10 minutes here

Former Newcastle defender John Anderson

It's been great for Howe up to now as everything has gone well and fans have taken to him. He hasn't seen the other side of it yet, where things don't go well.

That's how quickly football management changes. Up until now he thinks it's great and you would do.

A lot of people will say he deserves to be rewarded but now needs to do it through a full season. It is good that all of a sudden there is stability throughout the club. We don't know how long the deal is. You just hope he can do what he has done since coming in and take us on to a new level again.