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Comedy Pet Photo Awards: Check out these hilarious snaps!

Two thousand pictures were submitted to the Comedy Pet Photo Awards and the winners have been announced - check out this paw-some gallery!
Two thousand photos were submitted to the Comedy Pet Photo Awards - but there can only be so many winners! We wanted to bring you a selection of some of the competition's outstanding entries. First up is this gorgeous alpaca, snapped by photographer Stefan. This delightful profile shot won the All Other Animals Category. The competition awards £5,000 to the winning photo, but also raises money for animal charities! This year’s judging panel included wildlife presenter Kate Humble, comedian and TV presenter Mel Geidroyc, TV vet Emma Milne and professional pet photographer Elke Vogelsang. 
Stefan Brusius
Not to be outdone on the profile picture is this hilarious dog in the snow - don't they look as if they have been caught in the middle of a bad decision? This well-timed picture was taken in the USA by Marko Jovanovic and won the People's Choice Award.
Marko Jovanovic
This cheeky cat looks as if its trying to make its TikTok debut - but can't figure out which way to hold the phone! Oh dear... thankfully the person who took the picture knows how to hold a camera properly. This was a Highly Commended photo taken by Kenichi Morinaga.
Kenichi Morinaga
Proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks is this precious pooch who appears to be in the driving seat of a fabulous car! Though do we spy a human holding driver dog just behind? Hmm... we'll let you decide! This picture was taken in Turkey by Mehmet Aslan and was chosen by the competition organises as the winner of the Comedy Pet Team category.
Mehmet Aslan
This unfortunate feline has found themselves caught in a bit of a stick-y situation... as in they're trapped in a hedge surrounded by sticks. This hilarious moment was captured by the cat's owner, 9-year-old Freya, who was the Junior Category Winner.
Freya Sharpe
This dog doesn't need a car to go at top speeds - winning the Dog Category is rescue dog Nilo snapped by his owner Jose Bayon as he plays with the water spray in his garden. Have you ever seen a more excited dog?
Jose Bayon
Another win for Kenichi Morinaga, and a big one at that! This photo was the winner of the Cat Category and the Overall Winner of the entire competition! It's been creatively called Boom Boom, and earned Kenichi the title of Comedy Pet Photographer of the Year. Kenichi, who is from Japan, says he loves travelling around Japan's islands taking pictures of street cats. He told competition organisers that streets cats "really cheer me up", adding: This amazing competition reminded me that such gestures from all animals are recognised as being hilarious,cute,and heart-warming not only in Japan but all over the world.”
Kenichi Morinaga