Meet Prosthesis: The world's largest mechanical robot suit

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This giant mechanical robot suit is officially the world's largest exoskeleton - or skeleton that's on the outside - on four legs!

It was built by Canadian artist and engineer Jonathan Tippett who spent seven years developing the robot, which is called Prosthesis.

The suit is over three metres tall, weighs a whopping 4,000kg and has 200 horsepower - more power than an average car!

The suit can also increase a human's strength by around 50 times!


Jonathan was inspired by the Transformers films and action movies he watched from his childhood but he began developing the suit seven years ago after speaking to his engineering friends.

Jonathan calls his robot "a cross between an excavator, a dune buggy, and a dinosaur."

He says it takes a few minutes to get used to but then "within a few minutes you're standing and you can move the machine and you can balance and you can tilt."

Jonathan says that the experience of piloting the robot is so unique that it can bring anything from giggles or complete fear to those that experience it!


"You have to climb up on this ten-foot machine and wiggle your way in, get seated in there. Until you turn it on, you can't move."

Two years ago the mechanical suit was also officially recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest exoskeleton on four legs in the world!

Jonathan now plans to build more mechanical suits and would love to see them used in the future not only for fun but also professionally in services such as mining, agriculture and search and rescue.

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