Glenvara Drive: Living room set alight after petrol bomb attack

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The residents of the house were asleep when they heard a loud bang from downstairs

Residents of a house in Coleraine had to put out a fire after a petrol bomb was thrown into their living room.

Police said the petrol bomb was thrown through a window of the house in Glenvara Drive at about 03:00 BST on Friday.

The occupants were asleep when they heard a loud bang from downstairs.

The petrol bomb caused damage to the furniture, floor and ceiling of the living room. No-one was hurt in the incident.

Police said the fire was "contained and did not spread to any other parts of the house, or any neighbouring properties, and there was no requirement to evacuate any other residents living nearby".

They said the fire and ambulance services also attended.

Police have appealed for information and said the "reckless attack could very well have resulted in serious consequences".

They said there had been eight petrol bomb attacks on property in Coleraine since 24 April.