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  1. Investment zones 'could help level up country'

    It's a big day for businesses with the creation of new "investment zones", that will allow planning rules to be relaxed and will reduce business taxes to encourage investment in parts of the country.

    The chancellor says the government is involved in early discussions with regions across England to establish the new zones, as well as the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    Asif Hamid, chief executive of The Contact Company, a Merseyside-based customer service company which employs over 1,000 people, said he would be "really interested" if his region became an investment zone.

    "We have got some amazing assets," he told the BBC.

    "If someone could supercharge these assets and capabilities and attract investment and encourage innovation... we have to change and it's part of levelling up."

    Image caption: Liverpool became a free port recently

    Hamid said it was important, that local people who "understand what the economy and the areas of businesses are" are consulted by the government in producing policies aiming to grow different industries.

    "I think that's where the government could make real value on this one," he added.

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    Video caption: Mini-budget: Are there winners and losers?

    Faisal Islam explains what the biggest tax cuts in 50 years mean for those across the income scale.

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    Video caption: Mill failure 'marks the passing of a great industry'

    A worker at an Aberdeen paper mill says the collapse of the business represents the end of an era.

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