How do you feel about the ban on tossing peanut bags at Dodger Stadium?

Longtime Dodger Stadium vendor Roger Owens tosses bags of peanuts to customers in the stands in 2009.
(Christine Cotter/Los Angeles Times)

Roger Owens has sold and pitched peanuts since Dodger Stadium opened in 1962, and at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum before then.

Owens has tossed peanuts at presidential inauguration festivities, on “The Tonight Show,” and in two movies and three television series in which his role was always the same: peanut vendor. His wedding guests included Tom Bradley, then the mayor of Los Angeles, and Don Sutton, the Dodgers’ Hall of Fame pitcher.

But Owens can’t throw the bag to you anymore. If fans asked why he could no longer pitch his peanuts, Owens said he was told by Levy Restaurants, which runs the stadiums concessions, to say the decision was made for the safety of the fans. That is what the fans who reached out to The Los Angeles Times said Owens had told them.

The Times asked readers what they thought of the ban. Here’s some of what readers had to say.