Your guide to the 2022 California midterm election

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California voters head to the polls Nov. 8 to vote for U.S. senator, governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, controller, treasurer, attorney general and local races, including Los Angeles mayor and L.A. County sheriff. There are seven ballot propositions and races for U.S. representative in Congress, state senator and state Assembly member.

For as long as anyone can remember, pundits have used the “midterm” label for elections halfway between presidential elections. But what does it mean?

California’s 2022 election ballot includes races for governor, attorney general, the Legislature and Congress, as well as local contests and statewide ballot initiatives.



How and where to vote

Here’s how to register to vote and how to cast a ballot in California’s midterm election Nov. 8.

Ballots will be in the mail to all 22 million registered voters in the state no later than Oct. 10. Californians can return ballots by mail, drop them at collection boxes or turn them in at voting centers. They can also cast ballots early at voting centers or wait until Nov. 8 to vote at their neighborhood polling places.

Californians can register to vote or check their status at



To help voters choose, the Times editorial page publishes endorsements based on candidate interviews and independent reporting.


The L.A. Times’ editorial board endorsements for statewide ballot measures, elected offices in Los Angeles city and county, L.A. Unified School District board, L.A. county superior court, statewide offices, the state Legislature and U.S. House and Senate seats.


What propositions are on your ballot?

Of the seven statewide propositions on the ballot, gambling — unsurprisingly — has attracted the most lucre. A simple majority is required to pass all these propositions.

Proposition 31 will give voters the chance to decide if they want to ban flavored tobacco products in California

California’s November election will feature seven statewide ballot measures.


Tracking the money

Here’s who has raised the most money and where it is coming from ahead of the 2022 California governor’s election.



Our columnists weigh in

Along with Trump-fueled lies and misinformation, election officials are facing ‘paper terrorism,’ a deliberate attempt to gum up their works.

The Supreme Court abortion ruling has boosted Democratic Sen. Patty Murray’s reelection hopes. Her Republican rival is focusing on inflation, crime.


Follow state and congressional races

In the November midterm election, California is one of the battlefields as Democrats and Republicans fight to control the House. Here are 10 races to watch.


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